Attraction du Hameau Duboeuf, cinéma dynamique Boutique du Hameau Duboeuf, décoration de Noël 2017 Attraction du Hameau Duboeuf, cinéma en 3D Salle de muséologie du Hameau Duboeuf Attraction du Hameau Duboeuf, cinéma dynamique

The Collections of the Hameau Dubœuf

An exhibition about art and wine

Come and admire a collection of over 3 000 objects linked to wine, be they winemaking tools or works of art.

A highlight is a Mâconnais press from 1708, which weighs 8 tonnes; the beam alone weighs around 2 tonnes.

Some of the other key pieces on display are a bronze statue of Bacchus, the God of wine, shown in the centre of the wine museum and a tapestry from the 18th Century named ‘the Harvest’.
There are also a hundred or so advertising posters from 1890 to 1950 showcasing wines and spirits, which are displayed throughout the entire site.

A beautifully dimensioned attic with a view over the winery has been converted into an elegant exhibition space.

Here you can see a wide collection of glasses, bottles, cork screws and many other things.

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